Customer Support Portal

Our support team are standing by to initiate a remote support session. In order to proceed, we will require your assistance to establish a link. We’ve put together some easy-to-follow instructions below…

#1: Download The Support App

MacTribe utilise a highly secure desktop sharing tool called TeamViewer which allows our team of engineers to access the screen, mouse and keyboard.

Teamviewer doesn’t install any software on your machine. It’s a single-use application which allows short term access and immediately terminates as soon as closed.

The first step is to download the application, as linked below:

MacTribe Mac Support Automation
MacTribe Remote Support Download

#2: Open the Downloaded File

Each browser will download files in different ways, however, most downloaded files will end up in your Mac or Windows "Download" folder. The filename will be labelled ""

MacTribe Remote Support Disclaimer

#3: Read the Disclaimer

Have a quick read through the Remote IT / Mac Support disclaimer to make sure you're fully aware of the process. If happy to proceed, click accept. The Disclaimer pop-up window can sometimes appear underneath other windows hidden from view

MacTribe Remote Support Details

#4: Send over the details

Please share the ID and password shown on the application with our support team (via support ticket or over the phone). The application needs to remain open throughout the support session, after which it can be closed and the connection will reset.