Outsourced IT Support Services For Dynamic Businesses

MacTribe is an Outsourced IT support company that provides IT services to organisations in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, and Surrey.

What makes our support service unique is our innovative approach to using automation that helps businesses drive productivity, reduce costs, and drastically improve performance.

Outsourced IT Support That Covers All Business Technology

A majority of business models depend upon both Apple and Microsoft platforms to solve a variety of challenges and to fulfill different business needs. Our mission is to deliver an outsourced IT support service that gives business owners the freedom to choose whatever works best for their objectives.

Our team of cross-platform support professionals covers both Windows and Mac Support with equal proficiency. We’re Windows and Apple certified experts with qualifications in cybersecurity, networking, server administration, and much more.

If you rely on a mix of freelancers, remote workers, and permanent staff, our cost-effective pricing plans are designed with flexibility in mind to help manage your outsourcing budget and adjust to the needs of your organisation.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive IT support partner for your SME, or to streamline your internal IT department by outsourcing part of your IT services, our feature-packed service is able to meet your requirements.

Book Your Free Outsourced IT Support Assessment Today

MacTribe helps businesses get the most from their Windows and Apple environments through innovative automation strategies, outsourced IT support, and custom-made solutions.

Whether you’re looking for a new outsourced IT support company or a 3rd party evaluation to assess how well your IT systems are performing, the MacTribe team are on hand to provide a detailed site audit free of charge.

Fill in the form and let us know how we’re able to help, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Innovative Outsourced IT Support Using Smart Automation

MacTribe’s outsourced IT service includes several features that focus on security, backups, and performance monitoring as standard. We also use smart automation and AI strategies to help businesses speed up tasks and reduce common IT problems.

For example, setting up new starters generally requires an engineer to apply settings and install applications manually while the user is put on hold, whereas the platforms we use set up new equipment as soon as a user signs-in.

Automation can be applied in various ways, including setting up policies that update across departments and locations at the push of a button. By identifying the tasks and infrastructure that will benefit the most from automation, we’re able to improve performance, reliability, and productivity drastically.

MacTribe includes the design and implementation of automation as part of its service at no additional cost. We also utilise AI as part of our cybersecurity strategy to help eliminate spam and protect users from clickbait emails and insecure websites.

MacTribe Outsourced IT Support Diagram

Why Choose MacTribe For Your Outsourced IT Support Services?

We understand the importance of delivering on expectations and providing exemplary customer service, which is why we include a dedicated account manager and a senior helpdesk manager to oversee each of our clients personally.

Our outsourced IT support is not only focused on problem-solving and maintenance; we’re here to help manage long-term budgets, forecasts, and projects to meet your business objectives too.

We’re continually exploring game-changing solutions that give our clients the edge over their competitors, and thoroughly test platforms so our clients can take advantage of new technology without any risks.

Above all, we’re hyper-focused on our performance, and our customer service never stops improving. If you’re considering outsourcing your IT support services or looking to switch outsourced IT support providers, get in touch today.

What Are The Primary Benefits Of Outsourced IT Support?

Setting up an internal IT team requires a large investment and involves a lot of complexity. While SME businesses traditionally depend on outsourced IT support services to keep costs low, it’s no surprise that larger organisations are following in the same footsteps.

According to a recent study, a third of businesses are looking to reduce costs by outsourcing their IT services in response to current global events.

The advantage of outsourced IT services is having access to a larger pool of talent who have more experience supporting a wider variety of technology, at a fraction of the cost. There is also far less complexity, with no HR or payroll tasks to manage. Outsourced IT support providers assume all the risks and manages their own staffing responsibilities.

IT Support Outsourcing Is Not The Only Option

A majority of businesses look to outsource their IT support to supplement their internal IT department, or as a way to support their users without hiring full-time support staff. But, there are several alternative options available to outsource other aspects of your IT infrastructure, too, not just IT support.

Below are a few examples of the types of IT solutions we’re able to supply, support, and manage on behalf of our clients:

Physical + Virtual + Hybrid Servers

Cabled + Wireless Networks

Cloud Systems + Data Migrations

High Performance Internet

On Premise + Cloud VoIP Solutions

Security + User Awareness Training

Disaster Recovery Strategies

equipment Sourcing + more...

Outsourced IT Support Key Features

MacTribe provides several enterprise features as part of our outsourced IT support packages at no additional cost. The security software we include, along with the processes we create, help businesses to prepare for higher-level certifications, including ISO27001, GDPR, and Cyber Essentials Pro.

Here are some of the IT support features included as part of our outsourcing service, without any onboarding fees, lengthy contracts, or hidden costs:

We Provide Outsourced IT Support For Your Industry

MacTribe outsource IT support to businesses of all sizes across multiple sectors, including commercial, legal, medical, retail, creative, and education. Our experience across a diverse mix of industries is what makes our outsourced IT support unique. We know what works and what doesn’t, and how to adapt when faced with complicated challenges.

Our support packages are a cost-effective solution tailored to fit different business models. Although we primarily support businesses in London, many of our clients are located further out in Essex, Surrey, Kent, Hertfordshire. Some of our clients are located in Europe, and others have multiple offices worldwide.

Put Our Outsourced IT Support Services To The Test

Deciding to switch outsourcing providers can be a difficult decision for business owners, especially as there are many options to choose from, and it’s hard to know who to trust. We want to earn your trust and prove our value, which is why we provide a fully comprehensive assessment free of charge.

We’d be happy to create a detailed report, discuss our findings, and show you what our IT support team is capable of before you make any decisions.

The second way we can provide more peace of mind is by offering a 3-month trial for our full-scope IT support service. Even though our contracts are shorter than the industry average, you’re welcome to put our team of experts to the test for three months and confirm that MacTribe is the right fit for your business.

We’re also more than happy to put you in contact with a few of our clients to discuss their experience of working with us, what it’s like to work with our support team and our approach to customer service.