IT & Mac Support Services

MacTribe offers a wide range of technology products and IT support services, all uniquely designed to integrate harmoniously into business.

iOS & Mac Support

Experts in supporting and integrating Apple OSX / iOS devices into business technology environments.

Windows & Mixed

We specialise in mixed IT environments, harmoniously integrating Windows and Mac together.

Cloud Technology

We support and integrate the best cloud services available like Office 365, Google and Dropbox.

Servers & Virtualisation

We utilise optimum technologies that contain a high-level of stunning and adaptable environments.

Cabled Networks

We provide structured networking cabling and high performance Cisco Meraki networking systems.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Secure your data with confidence using our endpoint backup built to assure enterprise continuity.

High-Speed Internet

We source and deliver a vast portfolio of high speed internet solutions to businesses of all sizes.

End User IT Support

We provide unlimited assistance to your team, we love helping and we’re equipped to do just that.

VoIP Communications

Telephone and hosted phone systems with the core infrastructure supported across the BT network.

Email Solutions

Experts on the most reliable and scaleable email platforms such as Google Apps and Office 365.

Wireless Networking

We specialise in high performance, high-density Cisco wireless and networking systems.

Discounted Equipment

We source and supply high end business tech, from desktops to servers and everything in-between.

Case Studies

MacTribe work with businesses of all sizes, from creative to manufacturing and everything in-between. Our clients recognise the business-critical nature of technology, electing MacTribe as their trusted partner for outsourced IT support and services.


MackayWilliams is a mutual fund market analysis and research company with 30+ end users based in two locations utilising a Mac-based IT environment.

MacTribe joined MackayWilliams during their early start-up stages in 2011, assisting the two founders with Mac support and developing a future IT strategy for the company. MackayWilliams have since quickly expanded to 30+ users across two locations, utilising several expansion projects along the way to allow maximum growth and performance without disruption or downtime. All projects, included the migration from cloud sharing to in-house storage server, as well as the merge of email systems to help unify their satellite office in Europe, have all completed ahead of schedule with 100% feedback.

MackayWilliams have had the unique opportunity to comprehensively evaluate MacTribe’s long-term support and service during 6+ years of working together. MackayWilliams is also a fantastic example of what a well planned IT strategy and IT budget can do for a business over a period of time, which is nothing less than a highly reliable and effective platform to grow and expand with.

“Very good communication & engagement with IT and Mac support challenges. Thank you!” – Rodney Williams

“MacTribe has an extremely efficient contact system, which ensures that any problem is dealt with quickly. They are pro-active in solutions that work for business but also create a good basis for future growth.” – Diana Mackay


The BIO Agency is a digital design agency with 150+ end users and secure technology infrastructure made of 50% Mac / 50% Windows architecture. MacTribe and The BIO Agency joined forces in 2014.

In 2014, the agency experienced a large growth spurt which posed a challenge to the existing infrastructure and support. Our initial reports indicated the client had faced daily outages on all servers and networking equipment, users often unable to connect to wireless, email server often offline for many hours and backups failing to complete successfully. Once we had gathered enough intel and patched up as much of the existing configuration as possible, we discussed a total IT / Mac support strategy for the next 3 years and put into action several projects to solidify the IT system and allow for rapid growth.

Since 2014, MacTribe have completed all project works and further assisted The BIO Agency in setting up their own internal IT department to continue the strategy we helped to develop. The result of several large projects have left the agency with a highly sophisticated and reliable IT system, utilising several powerful Microsoft platforms such as Hyper-V for virtualisation and Office 365 for messaging as well as deploying an indusry leading Cisco network infrastructure.

“It’s such a nice change to have IT guys that you enjoy having around! I know it’s crazy busy here so your patience, hard work and smiley faces are all the more appreciated.” – Charlotte Crossing
“Always very happy with the support I receive from MacTribe. The boys always go above & beyond for IT requests.” – Amy Marriott

Longitude Research

Longitude Research offer a world-class thought leadership service with a team of 30+ end users working with a Mac-based IT environment. MacTribe and Longitude Research joined forces in 2014.

Longitude Research began in 2011, at first managing their IT requirements internally. In 2014, as the team started to expand further, MacTribe jumped aboard to help manage Mac support, while assisting in the design a clean on-boarding procedure for new starters and cloud system for company resources. Since then, MacTribe have also helped design several projects to assist in re-locating offices, migration to new VoIP provider, setup local backups for machines, as well as prepare the IT environment for ICO accreditation (27001:2007), among many others – all of which have been delivered with great success.

Continually thinking ahead when considering any changes to technology environments certainly makes a big difference, especially when it comes to eliminating frustration and disruption. The Longitude team demonstrate exceptional examples of forward thinking, ultra clear decision making and precise planning which plays a major role in the experience of using technology, and the experience of using any IT support company such as ours. Longitude Research have also utilised the power of cloud technologies, investing considerably but carefully in the right systems and services which has given them a powerful platform to continue expanding, doing what they do best.

“Swift, friendly and effective!!” – Banos Alexandru
“Efficient and helpful – great team, much appreciated.” – Nicola Morris

WTS Media Group

WTS Media Group provide end-to-end broadcast systems with a team of 40+ end users working with a 50% Mac / 50% Windows environment. MacTribe and WTS Media Group joined forces in 2014.

WTS Media Group met with MacTribe in 2014 to discuss several projects to replace servers and infrastructure equipment across 3 separate locations, all the while keeping downtime and disruption to a minimum. Due to highly complex nature of the setup i.e. all three sites relied on each other for different resources, we performed several weeks of in-depth assessments to understand how all 3 sites linked together. After thoroughly testing and planning, we started to roll-out the projects which included cross-site DR backups, new firewalls, wireless and network, local and backup remote Active Directory servers.

After successfully completing all projects and several more since (new SAP server, office re-location and Meraki cloud rollout), MacTribe have continued to supply WTS Media Group with daily ongoing IT and Mac support, helping to maintain the brand new setup. As the WTS team are cutting-edge leaders in their field, MacTribe provide further advice and assistance with short-notice projects whenever a new technology needs to be adapted into the business.

“MacTribe have been fabulous with all IT support issues we have had.”
– Christine Tatnall

“MacTribe are easy to speak to. Professional and courteous, resolving technical issues quickly. Overall a good experience.” – David Forster