IT Support is dead.
Long live Tech Support!

We’re certainly living in exciting times, especially when it comes to the choices we have and the technology we use. Some businesses provide laptops and phones to their teams, and others offer their teams bring in their own devices (BYOD), many teams now work from home, abroad and office locations. There are no limits to the modern, diverse business model and technology is at the forefront of making this happen.

Has IT 'support' evolved or is it still 1984?

As business models evolve and revolutionary tech breakthroughs take place on a daily basis; companies who operate in London and around the world have access to a nearly unlimited list of apps and technology choices available. IT support providers, however, seem to be holding back on the service most business teams would prefer to have.

After extensive research, MacTribe found that overwhelmingly, most IT support London companies are unable and unwilling to support Apple alongside Windows all under the same roof. Madness! Roughly 9 out of 10 of the IT support websites we researched appear to focus purely on delivering Microsoft Windows support only. Surely a better support model is possible; we’re in the age of Elon Musk and Electric Cars, right?

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Forget Complicated.
Bring on the IT Support London Revolution!

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You may have noticed that we prefer the terminology ‘tech’ support as opposed to ‘IT’ support, we’re not Roy and Moss from the I.T Crowd, although we may appear just as geeky! Hollywood often portrays tech nerds as cutting-edge, but it seems to be a rare quality. Technology diversification is obviously more complex than sticking with ‘what you know,’ it takes a high level of geek passion to face the many challenges of mixed technology networks. Perhaps my team and I spent too much time watching nerd movies growing up, but we can’t help but enjoy every aspect of what we do. We’re proud to be geeks, we even have our own secret handshake.

At MacTribe, our clients love knowing that they’re able to be as free as they like with the technology they’d prefer to use. As technology continues to rocket to infinity and beyond, we’re evolving too, tearing down old firewalls and throwing Apples through Windows.

Bring on the Tech Support revolution!